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What my clients say...

"As a male sports therapist myself, I found Lynni to have both a sensitive searching touch to find the exact location of any problem but also to have the depth of pressure to satisfactorily eliminate the tension, which I have personally found many female therapists do not possess."

Steve Mozlin, Sports Therapist


"Thanks for the fab Eve Taylor facials-everyone commented on how glowing the skin was! Will defo book again!"

C Taylor


Sport massageSports Therapy involves the assessment of the soft tissues of the body and plays a vital role in the prevention and management of injury, Manipulation and massage that maintains, promotes and rehabilitates physical function benefit not only those who routinely reach the physical limits of movement through sport but also those whose occupations or hobbies involve strenuous movements. Sports massage has always played an important role within an athletes training regime but has become even more popular over recent years.

Ron Hill & LynniDr Ron Hill MBE the legendary runner (pictured left with Lynni of Top 2 Toe Therapy) ran the Stadium Runners' Woodland Challenge and chatted to Lynni about sports massage.  "It was one of the things I would like to have had during my career.  In 1975, I had a leg massage shortly before the Enschede Marathon in Holland and went on to break the course record in 2 hours 15 minutes".  You can follow Ron's progress at

Sports massage incorporates Swedish massage movements, together with additional intensive techniques that are specifically designed to prevent and treat sports injuries. Individual aftercare advice and related exercises will be given to enhance the treatment and speed recovery.

Sports massage aims to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints, improve blood circulation, speed up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints, and prevent future muscle and tendon injuries. It can be carried out prior to a sports event, when it will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare the individual for optimal performance whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury. It can be carried out after a sports event, when it will relieve soreness and assist with the removal of lactic acid and other waste products. It is often used during training, when the practitioner will focus on speeding up the healing of existing injuries and preventing the development of future injuries.

sportsYou will be asked to remove your outer layer of clothing so that the area of concern can be worked on directly.  Your modesty is kept at all times and I ask clients to wear shorts. Depending on whether it is pre-event, post-event or a training massage, the therapy can take from thirty minutes to two hours.

Sports massage, although relaxing and soothing, can also be quite vigorous. If you have muscle soreness the massage may, initially, cause some discomfort. Sports massage should be avoided if you have open wounds, muscle tears, sprained ligaments or burns; varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis, cancer, tumours, melanoma or haemophilia. This therapy is also unsuitable for anyone with infectious skin disease such as a fungal infection or herpes. People with diabetes should be aware that sports massage will have the same effects as exercise.

Active Rub for Muscle and Joint 75ml

muscle rubThe new alternative to conventional muscle and joint gels.  Easily applied, Active Rub is immediately effective without the nasty lingering smell.  Active Rub does not rely on any heat process and with no uncomfortable burning sensation can be effectively used for all ages.

Unlike current brands available the combination of essential oils in an Aloe vera based gel provides a triple active effect, soothing sensitivity, draining toxins, and stimulating circulation.

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